The annual international Ukraine Reforms Conference originated with an admiration for Ukraine.


Digitization of public processes, electronic document management, electronic interaction with citizens and electronic services.

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Is life without plastic possible? Today you will hardly find an office without plastic water cups. Having them is convenient and customer friendly, but not from plastic cup alone can people drink water. Plastic bags in supermarkets are also a simple, convenient and mostly free of charge option to pack your groceries.


The Civil Service Candidate Screening Center was recently launched. What does it mean, and how will it make lives easier?


The main idea behind the public administration reform is to build out a modern, digitized and citizen-oriented country.

реформм держуправління, РДУ, Офіс реформ

It is known that the Government is completing reorganization of pilot ministries. Directorates have been created employing more than 500 new civil servants. What are the practical implications?


During its first meeting this year, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolved to set up a Strategy Committee. Why do we need a new committee? What tasks will it be dealing with? What does it mean for the public administration reform?

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Exclusive interview of Oleksandr Saienko, Minister at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, to Interfax-Ukraine news agency