You will never find in open sources information that you hold in your hands. This is a limited collection of case studies and insights into the implementation of
changes in Ukraine over 4 years of operations of the Reforms Delivery Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, from 2017 to 2020.


 "The Energy Reform ABCs" is a unique project of the Reform Delivery Office and DiXi Group.


Strategically critical enterprises which are not up for privatization should set up professional supervisory boards that are independent of interfering policy-makers and bureaucrats. According to global business practices, it is these boards that should play the pivotal role in running state-owned enterprises.


The Affordable Medicines Program (AMP) implemented as part of healthcare reform is an unparalleled initiative in Ukraine seeking to provide patients diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes or bronchial asthma with medicines either free of charge or with a small co-payment.


Career.gov.ua is a governmental website that includes listings of current civil service vacancies, job competition details and steps to follow in applying for jobs online. 


Ministerial capacity building is a cornerstone of public administration reform. The project aims to improve the government’s performance by putting in place capable ministries as powerful think tanks that lead reforms. 


Ukraine Reform Conference is an annual international event dedicated to expert discussion of reform progress in Ukraine. Launched by the government in 2017, it has been bringing together Ukrainian government officials, civil society and business representatives and international partners to discuss Ukraine’s reform progress and priorities for already a third year in a row.