For your attention, the main recovery news for November 11-17, 2023:



Why making the government a major buyer of land is not a bright idea that can give rise to new problems in the land sector.


By comparing laws and practice, one can easily identify and repeal legal provisions that lead to corruption in the land sector.

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The creation of a geographic data infrastructure can boost GDP by up to 0.6%. The multitude of cadastres makes things complicated now. But there's good news.


At 1% ten years ago, online sales in China have now grown to more than 40%. What are the implications, and how should the Ukrainian Government respond?


What does a 4.6% increase in GDP suggest, and what should we do to support Ukraine's sustainable economic growth in the long run?


Providing prompt access to land resources unimpeded by corruption is among the top-priority tasks of the new government's economic policy.


Civil servants: what they should be like, to be able to do and how they should work.


Building a new state is the motto of almost all existing political parties. However, using old methods is clearly the wrong way to go. Similarly, one should not rely solely on the experience of other countries that have survived similar transformations.


Today both policy-makers and experts are actively discussing possible changes in the government's structure. The reduction of ministry population looks especially attractive.