State Secretaries will Speed Up Implementation of the Trembita System 


Integration of public electronic information resources into the Trembita System is one of the KPIs set for state secretaries of all ministries for 2019. In order to actualize and speed up this process, an event, focused on implementation of the Trembita System, was organized for state secretaries of public executive authorities by representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Sate Agency for Electronic Governance of Ukraine in cooperation with European experts on June 14.

One of the objectives of the state governance reform, carried out in Ukraine, is to build a service-oriented state and promote effective and open cooperation between citizens and public authorities. This can be achieved through digitization of state processes and provision of administrative services.

When opening the event, State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Volodymyr Bondarenko noted that digitization allows to make the public governance system more efficient and transparent. Ukraine has already initiated profound digital transformations and conversion of public services into an online format – 125 electronic services are currently available on the Government website. It is necessary to implement a national platform for exchanging data between public authorities in order to accelerate these processes.

Trembita is such platform. It is the system for electronic interaction between public registers of Ukraine and state databases, which allows institutions and public authorities to safely and quickly exchange necessary information in order to enhance cooperation with average citizens and business representatives.

Moreover, Trembita will make it possible to structure state registers and optimize relevant expenditures. “In Ukraine, there are currently over 350 public electronic registers, maintained by over 80 state institutions (ministries, services, agencies, etc.). Nearly 80% of identical non-technological fields were identified in registers as a result of conducting a data audit, initiated by the State Agency for Electronic Governance. This means that a lot of personal information on citizens was duplicated and accumulated in a number of registers. Trembita will allow to minimize data duplication and accumulation of unnecessary information,” Head of the State Agency for Electronic Governance of Ukraine Oleksandr Ryzhenko stressed.

According to him, the Trembita System has been given an expert opinion by the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine about conformity of its components to technical data protection standards and is ready for operation, and state secretaries should inform heads of public authorities that it is important to implement the System. 

A number of public authorities have already started implementation of Trembita. Over five months in 2019, the State Agency for Electronic Governance concluded 17 agreements on connection to the Trembita System with relevant ministries, agencies and other public authorities. They include the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Accounting Chamber, State Migration Service of Ukraine, Pension Fund, State Fiscal Service and others. 

Moreover, electronic cooperation in the field of healthcare has been ensured for the first time between the National Health Service and State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control. In practice, this means over one million of automatic data checks per month within the framework of the Affordable Medicines Programme. Further cooperation efforts will be made in the nearest future.

Ukraine will receive significant assistance from European projects in implementing the Trembita System, as it is based on X-ROAD, the improved Estonian data exchange platform, which is a backbone of e-Estonia.

The system is developed and implemented with support from EGOV4UKRAINE within the framework of U-LEAD, funded by the European Union and its member states such as Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden. EGOV4UKRAINE experts provide advisory assistance in technical aspects of connection to the Trembita System and establishing electronic interaction.

Attending the event, First Secretary of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, Sida Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe Kameran Khudur thanked the State Agency for Electronic Governance of Ukraine and his Estonian colleagues for their significant results that they had achieved within a short period of time. In her turn, Mari Pedak, the Team Leader of EGOV4UKRAINE, focused on the benefits from implementation of X-ROAD in Estonia and international practices in the field of electronic governance.

Yurii Kopytin, the Leading IT-Expert from EGOV4UKRAINE, provided event participants with full details on how Ukrainian public authorities would be connected to the Trembita System. 

According to him, the system for electronic communication between public authorities should be designed to cover four levels: organizational, legislative, semantic and technical ones. At the same time organizational tasks account for a major share (80%) in this process.

Public authorities should create relevant working groups which will analyze the regulatory framework, assess availability of information resources and administrative services, identify the needs in electronic interaction, prepare IT infrastructure, conduct technical activities, etc.

An electronic interaction website ( was created to ensure informational support for implementation of the Trembita System. The website offers exhaustive information on the System.

Moreover, the State Agency for Electronic Governance of Ukraine in cooperation with EGOV4UKRAINE regularly gives training in how to connect to and operate the Trembita System and is ready to provide advisory assistance.


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