is a governmental website that includes listings of current civil service vacancies, job competition details and steps to follow in applying for jobs online. has already helped more than 600 reform experts join ministerial teams. All in all, more than 30,000 candidates applied for a civil service job online at

The website got a new start in 2018, when the EU Project “Support to strategic communication and awareness raising on Ukraine's public administration reform” provided support for its large-scale modernization. 

Proper civil service staffing is one of the crucial components of public administration reform. However, for a long time, getting a civil service job was quite challenging. 

To find a vacancy, candidates had to visit the websites of various ministries. However, job candidate requirements were often incomplete. In addition, the old system required that a civil service job candidate send a job application and supporting documents by regular mail. 

These and other factors made the civil service job competition procedure complicated and unappealing for potential candidates. 

It was evident that the problem could have been solved by putting in place an electronic platform capable of meeting the basic requirements of modern professionals, accumulating all current civil service vacancies, and, importantly, streamlining the application process and making it more user-friendly. 

The RDO experts drafted the website development concept, prepared a description of the application and ministerial approval processes, and provided for visualization and content development.

In addition, familiarization training was provided to direct users to ensure the website’s smooth future operation.  

The RDO provided for pre-launch testing, support to ministerial HR departments, access granting, coordination of technical issues with the State Agency for E-Governance, feedback system development and configuration, and feedback processing mechanism.

All these efforts were taken in close cooperation with the State Agency for E-Governance, National Agency for Civil Service, Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers and ten pilot ministries.

The new governmental civil service job website has streamlined the entire recruitment process, from vacancy search to competition result tracking. A key achievement is a simple, fast and user-friendly application process, as a candidate can apply online even being abroad.  

The year-end 2018 saw more than 31,000 civil service job applications, more than 27,000 of which were filed via, with an average of 24 applicants per advertised role. 

Such a seemingly small step as making a website helped turn the government into a more competitive employer that attracts the best talent to work for ministries. In addition, the built-in analytics module allows tracking civil service recruitment trends online, performing good quality analytics and responding to system imbalances. 

The website development is still in progress. It is planned to extend functionality to cover all civil service jobs, thereby providing for a fully automated application procedure for a full range of civil service positions, and integrate it with the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS).

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