Iuliia Zaichenko

Senior Project Manager

Public Administration Reform

Improving the reorganization of CEBs

Iuliia has more than 7 years of project management experience being a leader or analytic and researcher. Since 2015 has been working with the key justice reforms coordination and analytics. Also worked as an analytics and consultancy with reforms support for the EDGE project in Ukraine. Since 2017 till 2019 was at the position of a Director General for the Strategic Planning and European Integration Directorate at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine where was leading donors’ coordination, budget planning, strategic planning, reforms monitoring, coordination of cooperation with EU on Justice, freedom and security sphere. From 2019 became part of the EU-UNDP Parliamentary reform project team, namely: Deputy Head of Parliamentary Reform Office with the key responsibilities on the complex’s reform of legislative process and parliamentary oversight practices development.

Iuliia has a Master of Law degree. In 2013 got LL.M. degree in International and European Business Law from Jean-Moulin University Lyon 3, France. Also did studies and training courses in Austria, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands mainly with the focus on EU law, good governance, human rights.