The Government has started the Cabinet of Ministers reform


The proceedings of the Cabinet of Ministers will be more efficient, and the public funds saved, according to the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmytro Dubilet.

"We have begun reforming the Cabinet of Ministers, which will save a lot of money for the public and make it more efficient," he commented on his Facebook page.

According to the Minister, optimization at the Ministry of Digital Transformation is the first swallow.

"This week, we have reached agreement with the newly created Ministry of Digital Transformation that, instead of recruiting staff for two departments (HR and Accountants), they will outsource these functions to the Secretariat," said Dmytro Dubilet.

He then added that he intends to centralize as many processes as possible by late next year.

"There's more to come. I want to centralize everything I can by late next year, except for where this prevents effective work. And I am positive that such centralization holds great potential not only for the ministries, but also for other government authorities, down to the regions," he added.

According to him, a huge number of functions are now duplicated across ministries, including accounting, basic IT, records management etc.

"We've counted 19 areas like this," the Minister said.

Dmytro Dubilet explained that an effective thorough centralization requires many functions to be simplified and digitalized.

"For example, all the ministries can move into one building on Hrushevskoho [Street] rather than take up a great many properties in Kyiv," he concluded.

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