The Government of Ukraine to Introduce Electronic Power of Attorney in Ukraine – Dmytro Dubilet


The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Dmytro Dubilet announced a launch of electronic power of attorney in Ukraine and noted that the legislative base for adopting such decision was almost ready.

“We’ve got almost everything we need to introduce such decision. Notaries already possess electronic signatures and are capable of applying them to any files in a few clicks. You just have to amend a number of provisions in a number of laws and by-laws. That’s exactly what we’re currently working on together with the Ministry of Justice and with the Notary Chamber of Ukraine,” – wrote the Minister at his Facebook page.

According to the official, electronic power of attorney is very easy and much safer.

“First of all, it is very comfortable. Just imagine that you have to immediately transport a power of attorney to another city (or, simply to a neighbouring district in a city). And instead of sending a paper document with the help of a post office, or going somewhere, you just send it to the addressee via email or via messenger. There is also another important benefit. Files signed with an electronic signature are much safer! Because some of the raider attack cases occur because of counterfeit letter of attorney forms,” – explained Mr. Dubilet.

The Minister also stressed that electronic power of attorney would be an addition to a paper document, at least, for the time being.

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