A new service for checking receipts in electronic form goes into action


According to Dmytro Dubilet, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the new service "check.gov.ua” gained traction following the Cabinet’s approval on Wednesday.

“Today you have to present a receipt from the bank as confirmation of payment of a public service fee, which also means that you cannot simply pay it via Internet Banking or mobile banking app. The new service will save Ukrainians time and effort, as it can be used to check receipts electronically rather than demand them on paper and rubber-stamped,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

In addition, check.gov.ua will help save money by paying with a smartphone.

Dmytro Dubilet also pointed out the following important aspects:

  • Only two banks – PrivatBank and Monobank – are currently connected to the service. Other banks are expected to get connected soon.

  • Together with other ministries we will amend job descriptions in all public services delivery points. I will inform when it happens.

  • Eventually this service will ease the launch of e-services. We will work on that together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

  • In addition, we will set up a hotline for complaints about refusals of civil servants to accept electronic receipts.

  • The private sector is also welcomed to use the service rather than continue requiring customers to present paper receipts.

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