Oleksandr Starodubtsev: NACS Should Become an Example for Other State Bodies


According to the newly-appointed head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service (NACS) Oleksandr Starodubtsev, a restart of the civil service in Ukraine is a global challenge for the NACS.

“We should start with NACS. The agency should become a pilot project, an example that can be transferred to other state structures. It is not only about structural changes. We are talking here about a deep transformation, about the values and principles of a civil servant’s work,” – explains the official.

The new Head of the NACS also said that he had already had a successful experience of achieving such transformation.

"These are not fairy tales. I’ve already had a successful experience of such transformation in the Department of Public Procurement Regulation and in the “Prozorro” state enterprise. It is a great example of how the state structure should work today,” – said Mr. Starodubtsev.

The official also named the successful holding of competitions for leadership posts among the most urgent tasks of the NACS.

“We have two main tasks here. The first one is an overcomplicated bureaucratic procedure that we are already simplifying. I myself was “lucky” to pass it, and could succeed only because I’ve already had experience in the civil service. However, this is a quite difficult challenge for business professionals. The second thing is attracting candidates for competitions. In case of some positions we are in a desperate need for well-qualified professionals. We have to search for them, persuade them, train them to perform civil service”, - said Mr. Starodubtsev.

According to him, it is great time now for ambitious and professional people to show themselves.

The Head of the NACS also urged business representatives and civil servants to become more involved in competitions.

According to Mr. Starodubtsev, building of the HR function in the public administration sector is the biggest challenge for the NACS.

Previously, on November 11, 2019, the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Dmytro Dubilet presented the new Head of the NACS Oleksandr Starodubtsev. During his speech, Minister Dubilet has stressed on the main tasks of the NACS. According to the Minister, bringing public administration sector standards closer to those of the commercial sector is a priority.

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