Ukraine’s President has ordered that the eMalyatko project be implemented by 1 January 2020


Digitization of public services or “A State in A Smartphone” concept is the presidential team’s priority, and the eMalyatko project should be completed by 1 January 2020, said President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Digitization of public services or “A State in A Smartphone” concept remains our team’s priority, particularly with regard to socially important, mass services, when parents are put through bureaucratic hell with a baby in their arms. “I order that the eMalyatko project be completed by 1 January 2020, and I am ready to remove any barriers to its implementation,” said the President at the meeting on the implementation of one-of-a-kind child’s birth registration umbrella eServices held on 30 July 2019.

According to the presidential website, the Decree on measures to improve access of natural persons and legal entities to eServices stipulates implementation of the three complex eService projects, namely eMalyatko, ID 14 and Place of Child’s Registration.

“The eMalyatko is a project both nationally and globally unique. Compared to the “5-in-1” initiative in Serbia and Canada or the “3-in-1” initiative in New Zealand and Australia, our project is in essence a “10-in-1” opportunity,” said Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

The Presidential Advisor added that the designated central executive agencies must prepare sectoral plans and appoint sub-project managers by 7 August 2019. A joint project implementation plan will be discussed on 9 August 2019.

According to Representative of the Administrative Services Reform Office Liudmyla Rabchynska, the project marks the launch of the new-generation eServices.

“The eMalyatko project and services will take the form of a real-life situation and will accompany parents both informatively and interactively from the beginning of pregnancy to childbirth and receipt of all necessary documents,” said Ms. Rabchynska.

An application under the eMalyatko project affords the following ten services:

1) childbirth registration;

2) child’s place of residence registration;

3) child birth allowance allocation; 

4) child’s registration in the electronic health record system;

5) child’s registration in the State Register of Individual Taxpayers;

6) issue of a multi-child parent certificate or a child of a multi-child family certificate;

7) proof of filiation of a child born out of wedlock;

8) attestation of Ukrainian citizenship for a child;

9) child’s registration in the Unified State Demographic Register;

10) multi-child family allowance allocation.

These initiatives will be implemented with support from such international projects as EGAP (Swiss Confederation and East Europe Foundation), EGOV4Ukraine (EU, Estonia), Administrative Services Reform Office (Canada, EDGE project) and EU4PAR (EU).



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