Ukraine's energy supply has become one of the main targets of Russian attacks. At the same time, our energy system must not only recover, but also be reorganised.

Today, energy recovery means repairing, rebuilding, constructing, reconstructing and creating reliable protection of power generation and distribution facilities. It also means energy efficiency and economical energy consumption.

The Ukrainian energy system is already part of the European system and its further integration is underway. EU standards and market mechanisms are being introduced to ensure transparency and create investment opportunities. The physical possibilities for exporting and importing electricity to the countries of the European Union are increasing.

Measures are being taken to increase gas production, which should be sufficient to meet Ukraine's internal needs. We are actively attracting private investors, including the largest global companies. The country has the ambitious goal of becoming the gas hub of Europe, as Ukraine has the largest gas storage facilities on the continent.

The ultimate goal of the changes is energy independence and energy security for the state. The ability to be self-sufficient and export energy resources, to join the whole of Europe in a green energy transition and to guarantee a safe environment for future generations.

1. Restoration of power generation and distribution systems

Following the russian attacks on Ukraine's energy system, the state has launched a large-scale campaign to repair, rebuild and reconstruct Ukraine's energy system. In addition, reliable active and passive protection of power generation and distribution facilities is being created.

2. Further integration of the energy systems of Ukraine and Europe

Ukraine implements European regulatory documents and market rules in accordance with European standards. In March 2022, Ukraine received the so-called “visa-free" regime with the EU in the energy sector. We joined the ENTSO-E, first temporarily and then permanently from 28 November 2023.

The government will also continue extensive work to increase the physical capacity for the export and import of electricity with the countries of the European Union. As part of the implementation of the Roadmap for the integration of the electricity markets of Ukraine and the EU, we will continue work on the introduction of long-term auctions on the electricity market within the framework of the European JAO platform, the implementation of the necessary steps to unify the markets (market coupling) and joining the EU balancing platforms. In addition, the government is working on the implementation of the fourth EU energy package.

3.Extraction and storage of natural gas

The government's strategic goal is to meet Ukraine's demand for its own natural gas. To this end, the government will continue to actively develop public-private partnerships, implement the mechanism of joint production agreements and launch new gas production projects. We have also certified our underground gas storage facilities, and today, despite the war, European traders are storing the largest volume of gas ever in Ukrainian gas storage facilities. Ukraine has the ambitious goal of becoming the "gas safe" of Europe, because we have the largest gas storage facilities on the continent.

4. Development of small-scale generation, decentralisation of the energy system, "Green Deal"

In order to be less vulnerable to hostile attacks on the energy system, the state will promote the development of small-scale power generation and continue to implement the energy system decentralisation programme. Ukraine will continue to implement the provisions of the European Green Deal.

Source - Government webportal