Ukraine needs a new social agreement that corresponds to the realities and modern approaches in the world. The goal of government policy is capacity building instead of dependence.

According to this philosophy, a new policy will be developed based on the following principles: digitalisation, targeting group orientation, universality, equity, accessibility. Social services should be available via a smartphone and cover the entire area. A person's support should start with a social service and be supplemented by a payment if necessary. Help is provided to those who really need it.

We form a human-centred social field in Ukraine.

1. Creation of a register of providers and recipients of social services. Introduction of the financing of the service instead of the maintenance of a budgetary institution.

The transition from maintaining institutions to funding social services based on the principle of "money follows the recipient", which is that the funds are paid precisely for the service provided and not for the fact that the organisation or institution exists. This ensures the targeted and fair provision of social support. This principle is applied to support for children, veterans, large families, etc. The register of social service providers will enable a person to utilise state support in the most effective and acceptable way for them. The introduction of electronic case management is being prepared.

2. Creation of the unified social register as part of the harmonised information system for the social sector

The state has set itself the goal of creating a register of citizens receiving social assistance in various areas that is as complete as possible. This will make it possible to provide better and more targeted support to those who really need it and save taxpayers' money. Both the recipients of state payments and the recipients of the corresponding services must be entered in the relevant register.

3. Pension reform

The government is launching a new pension reform. Its aim is to grant every Ukrainian pensioner a solidarity pension that is no less than 30% of their average income over their lifetime. A points system will be introduced for calculating pensions. It will equalise the differences between pensioners who retired a long time ago and those who retired more recently. There are also plans to introduce a compulsory savings system, which will create the conditions for a decent European pension scheme in the medium and long term. Together with the accumulation component, Ukrainian pensioners must receive at least 50% of their salary during their lifetime. The government plans to index pensions under the new system in 2024.

4. Basic social benefits

There are plans to review the approach to the scope and form of support for families in difficult circumstances. Social assistance will be granted to everyone who really needs it and will depend on the level of income. The government's medium-term goal is to create a system of guaranteed minimum living standards to support the most vulnerable groups and help them out of difficult circumstances.

5. Digitalisation of social services

Social services — from obtaining housing benefits to providing documents for the adoption of a child — will be available on smartphones. The path from user to service will be as simple, fast and unbureaucratic as possible. The digital services will cover the entire social sector. The government's priority plans include a 50 per cent increase in the number of digitalised services in the social sector.

Source - Government webportal