PoClick, an integrated IT system, is running in test mode and will reach 20,000 civil servants — Prime Minister


PoClick is the integrated HR management system that will cover 200,000+ civil servants. It is running in test mode, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksii Honcharuk.

"PoClick will replace a bunch of burdensome HR procedures as they get automated. Civil service must be efficient, recruitment simple and convenient," the Prime Minister emphasized.

He also noted that the National Agency for Civil Service (NACS) will test the system and populate it with necessary information. According to him, they started with the staff's personal files and basic HR procedures.

"Everyone will benefit from this: both the government and people it employs. We will save both money and paper and, most importantly, the time that people spend rewriting applications and forms instead of being useful to our country," Oleksii Honcharuk stressed.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Digital Transformation are expected to join the project later this year. Moreover, in 2020, civil servants of all ministries will work under PoClick, to be followed by all government authorities in Ukraine, which means a total of more than 5 thousand people.

Based on the Government Portal

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