Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Economy

The Reform Support Team (RST) of the Ministry of Economy is an advisory body that provides targeted technical assistance to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine in the development and implementation of priority reforms.

The RST consultants are Ukrainian professional practitioners who are not employed by the government. In their work, they are guided by the best global management practices with a focus on efficiency, comprehensiveness, and measurable results.

The funding source of this assignment is the EBRD Ukraine Stabilization and Sustainable Growth Multi-Donor Account (MDA). The donors are as follows: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the USA and the European Union (the greatest donor). 

RST Director

Denis Shemyakin

Together we are building an efficient state where living and doing business is desirable.

Effectiveness. We work solely towards measurable results - for us, this is the guiding principle.
Honesty. Actions matter more than words to us.
Respect. Effective collaboration for a shared outcome.


  • We oversee the preparation of reforms as project managers - ensuring the coordination of reforms, stakeholder interaction, and effectiveness monitoring.

  • We develop specific proposals for implementing changes.

  • We provide analytical, legal, and advisory support on specific issues.

  • Developing and training civil servants in best practices.

  • We communicate the priority reforms of the Ministry of Economy and ensure feedback with stakeholders.



  • Development of portfolio management of strategic projects of the Ministry of Economy

  • Reform of corporate governance of state-owned enterprises.

  • Public Administration Reform (PAR) and increasing efficiency in the public sector.

  • Development of public procurement.

  • Labor market reform.

  • Development of processing industries.

  • Donor coordination.

  • Attraction of investments.

  • Communication of priority reforms.


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The Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Economy operates within the framework of the international technical assistance program "Continuation of Institutional Support within the Ukraine Reform Architecture Project (URA)" based on the Program Registration Card approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on September 26, 2022. The basis for approval is the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the EBRD on cooperation and the activities of the EBRD Resident Office in Ukraine, signed on June 12, 2007, ratified by the Law of Ukraine dated June 4, 2008, No. 319-VI.