Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine


Key areas of work:

Reform of the environmental control

  • Facilitating the adoption of the draft law of Ukraine "On state environmental control" and introduction of new environmental control system;

  • Facilitating the development of amendments to the legislation for increasing sanctions for environmental crimes

  • Facilitating the development and adoption of methodological recommendations for state environmental inspectors;

  • Facilitating the adoption of guidance and national standards to scoping the information which should be provided by developer in Environmental Impact Assessment;

  • Facilitating the adoption of the guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment for urban planning including climate change issues;

  • Support in the development and introduction of automated information system "Environmental Inspector";

  • Support in the development of the Concept of improvement of the information system "Environmental Impact Assessment".


Industrial Pollution Reduction and Air Quality Monitoring Reform  

  • Prevention, reduction and control of industrial pollution, Introduction of a system of integrated permits for large polluters;

  • Advocacy of the draft law 4167, support in development of draft by-laws;

  • Facilitating the modernization of environmental monitoring system in accordance with European standards. Support in developing technical solutions for monitoring system and system Register of integrated environmental permits. Digitization, generalization and public access information on the use of natural resources and the state environment;

  • Support the Ministry in the adoption of necessary legislation for establishment of the air quality monitoring and measurement system according to the EU legislation;

  • Facilitating the implementation of Law On regulation of economic activity with ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases;

  • Preparation of analytical material on methane emissions reduction potential in Ukraine.



Waste Management Reform YF

  • Development and approval of the framework law on wastes and relevant sectoral law on different types of wastes in line with the EU acquis;

  • Іmplementation of the National Waste Management Strategy and development and approval of regional waste management plans;

  • Support the Ministry in the coordination of the development Waste Management Information System.


Sustainable Water Resources Management

  • Formation of strategic background for the introduction of integrated water resources management and protection of the marine environment;

  • Providing assistance with the programming of actions on water policy and marine policy implementation.


Forestry Reform

  • Implementation of long-term policy of sustainable forestry development.

  • Support of the Ministry in the development and adoption of the State Strategy for Forestry Management until 2035 and action plan for the implementation of the State Forest Management Strategy of Ukraine until 2035.

  • Carrying out a legal analysis of options for merging state-owned forestry enterprises and minimizing risks in the process of merging state-owned enterprises.

  • Providing proposals for the bill on the timber market, studying the experience of regulating the sale of timber in other countries.

  • Providing proposals for the introduction of mandatory certification of wood products to the legislation of Ukraine.


Subsoil reform

  • Facilitation of the new Subsoil Code enactment;

  • Development of strategic documents, plans, programs, monitoring the implementation of the Ukraine-EU Agreement with regard to the policy on critical raw materials, institutional reform of State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine;

  • Subsoil is provided for use through competitive electronic bidding;

  • Transparent calculation of the cost of special permits and simplified assessment cost of geological information;

  • Increase the amount of digitized geological data by launching "Data rooms" for oil and gas tenders and the introduction of public catalog of geological information;

  • Support in the development and introduction of E-Nadra system.


Public Administration Reform

  • Development and implementation of the plan of institutional development of the Ministry and its subordinate bodies;

  • Reforming the structure of the Ministry and its subordinate bodies;

  • Increasing the capacity of the Ministry's staff and subordinate CEBs in formation and implementation of state policy;

  • Optimization and debureaucratization of business processes of the Ministry and its subordinate bodies.

  • Support in the development and introduction of “Eco-Diia” system.


Green Deal matters and Climate policy implementation

  • Increasing the level of decarbonisation of the national economy through support in development and implementation of

    • the roadmap for the NDC2 implementation within the framework of Ukraine's implementation of the Paris Agreement

    • environmental tax reforms

    • Ukrainian Climate Fund (working title)

  • Support in the development and implementation of the Climate Adaptation Strategy

  • Mapping and coordination of current international technical assistance to Ukraine related to the European Green Deal and Climate Policy


RST Director

Ostap Yednak

13 years at top management positions in business in Ukrainian and international companies. Co-founder and co-coordinator of Reanimation Package of Reforms, Board Member of ANTS Network. Member of Parliament of Ukraine and Secretary of Environmental Policy Committee (2014-2019), co-author of major "Euro-Integrative" environmental legislation on water resources management, environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment, Board Member of Interpol Forestry Crime Working Group. Master Degree in Business Administration (Global MBA) and international economic relations. 


Contact us:

Ostap Yednak

+38 (067) 670 73 61